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/pictures are a selection from the project of photo-book titled "X Delicatessen".

Clucking quietly, they walk concerned along the supermarket aisles full of feed.
They scratch with their claws to get something for them. The careful ones scrutinise the labels with a frown, aiming to discover the truth behind the flawless smile of the lady on the packaging. It’s hard to believe, but it’s said that the fish does not always come in cubes.


We cut, we grind, we shape – not only the food and the label ladies. The flesh needs to be juicy and red, yet it’s best then it’s light and lean.

– Can’t I just have nice pieces, with no tendons, no veins, no skin, and, for heaven’s sake, no hair! I need a ‘smile’ on my plate– not too human nor too animal, though. An EMOTICON– well, yes, that’s the best and the safest form of expressing the animals’ happiness. All those bad things should happen behind the curtain, under the cover of the night, away from the peace and quiet of the suburbs. There you’re free to pinch, pluck, flay, draw, penetrate and disassemble.

– Will that be all?
– Yes, thank you. Could you bag it up, please.

Superultraextra, "X Delicatessen", 2016


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