of curiosities

Circus of curiosities

In that series we challenge the classically conceived beauty of the human body by including in the creative process a randomness of the digital algorithm.

Most often the photography post-production is a planned process with the clear goal of improving or beautifying. Digital processes are rather associated with the elimination of all the imperfections caused by nature, however if the human factor is removed from this “beautification process” and we allow the tool to work by itself, the results of the ​uncontrolled digital intervention​might be opposite to what we’re familiar with.

In this series we combined classic nude photography with something what might be called digital intelligence. The process of creating this images wasn’t driven by the fascination in the aesthetic of errors but the need of deconstructing classic images, by automated usage of intelligent algorithms. The elements of the human body combined in a surprising, random manner bring to mind the “Bestiary” or the “circus of curiosities”. From a series of automatically generated images using an automated process, a set of several thousand photographs was created, from which we then made a subjective choice. 


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