We find inspiration in a world that is always striving to make SUPER more EXTRA.

Who are we?

Superultraextra is a photography and collaborative art duo from Poland, based in Berlin, by Ewa Bold & Patryk Hadas.

Pure fascination with the vision of the SUPER world created by mass media, commercials and pop culture is the basis on which Superultrextra was founded.

We are a creative collective working with different visual media. In our photography we draw on our experience with both traditional art techniques (painting, drawing, silkscreen) and digital ones (animation, graphic design). We are not afraid of failure so we constantly experiment and evolve.

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Ewa is always asking, but not questioning – she’s asking to find the “point”. She analyzes, approaches from all angles, and takes the perspective of the mythical “other side.” She enjoys dark humor and abstract ideas, and she takes pleasure in reading the comments sections of online articles (especially when she knows they’ll be bad.) 

Ewa Bold (b.1988 in Poland) completed her Master’s degree project in an animated film workshop under the care of Jerzy Kucia in Graphic Art Department in the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow in 2012. She’s a laureate of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland scholarship for artists for the year 2012. In addition to Superultraextra, she works as a graphic designer and UI/UX designer. She lives and works in Berlin.


Contact Languages: Polish, English


Patryk can see. He can see the colors, the forms, the beauty of the absurd in silly commercials. He observes but is not judgmental. Popular culture is his oxygen – just like kitsch and boobs. Being a painter helps him forget the limitations of reality. Through his art, he imagines that the impossible is possible.

Patryk Hadas (b. in 1987 in Poland) spent his childhood in Berlin, until the year 2000 when he moved back to Poland with his family. His Master’s degree final project titled “Super World” was completed in Zbigniew Bajek’s interdisciplinary workshop in the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow in 2014. During his last year of studies he moved back to Germany where he continued to study at Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). Now he lives and works in Berlin.


Contact Languages: Polish, German 


We sniff. We explore the neighborhood. We use whatever’s at hand but we never stop dreaming about what’s just out of reach. We mix contexts, contents and forms and the outcome is not always an easy-to-digest spécialité de Ewa & Patryk. We are fascinated by all that, what by making use of innumerable amount of colors and sounds, creates the commonality of everyday life and blemish the surroundings.